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MOHURD Requires Enhancing Ecological Rehabilitation and City Reparation
After widely collecting opinions and suggestions through a consultation draft in December 2016, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released the Guiding Opinions Concerning Enhancing the Work of Ecological Rehabilitation and City Reparation. The Guiding Opinions points out that ecological rehabilitation and city reparation is not only to govern “urban diseases” or to improve “human settlement,” but also a measure to fulfill the objective requirement in facilitating a structural reform on the supply side and remedy the shortages of a city, and an important mark indicating a city transiting its development mode. And the Guiding Opinions clarifies the fundamental principles and targets of the work, which are led by the government and boosted in collaboration; coordinated planning and systematic implementation; practicing based on local conditions and pushing forward in classified categories; priority to protection and scientific construction. It requires that by 2017, cities in China should form their implementation plan for “ecological rehabilitation and city reparation,” and a group of demonstration projects with remarkable achievements and influences should be completed; and by 2020, the work concerning “ecological rehabilitation and city reparation” should accomplish primary achievements and the “urban diseases” should be curbed effectively.

Moreover, the Guiding Opinions states specific guidelines on facilitating the work from 4 aspects: firstly, the fundamental work should be completed and the “ecological rehabilitation and city reparation” should be realized under coordinated planning. It is required that the survey and assessment of the urban ecological environment and urban construction should be carried out, a special plan and the implementation plan should be formulated, and related work should be carried out under coordinated planning orderly. Secondly, emphasis should be laid on restoring the urban eco-environment and improving the eco-functions. By respecting the rules of the natural ecological environment and implementing the idea of constructing sponge cities, multiple means and appropriate techniques should be adopted to systematically restore the mountains, waterbodies, and wasted land, so as to construct a completed and consecutive urban-rural green land system. Thirdly, the repairing of city functions and the promotion of environmental quality should be stressed. Measures should be adopted to make up the deficiency in urban facilities, increase the public space, improve the travel conditions, and renovate the old and dilapidated residential areas. On this basis, the historical style of the city should be protected and the contemporary feature of the city should be created. Fourthly, efforts should also be put into improving a related guarantee system and policies and measures. It is required that the organization and leadership should be strengthened, the management system should be innovated, the fund should be actively raised, related monitor and assessment should be enhanced, and the public participation should be encouraged. And related housing and urban-rural development and planning departments should strive for the support from primary leadership of their cities and put the work concerning “ecological rehabilitation and city reparation” onto the major agenda of their municipal government. 

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