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MOHURD and Other Departments Promote Development Financing Support for Small Town Construction
In order to effectively implement the spirit of boosting small town construction by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council and promote the development financing support for small town construction, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the China Development Bank jointly issued the Notice of Promoting Development Financing Support for the Construction of Small Town on Jan. 24, 2017. The Notice requires that the housing and urban-rural development (planning) departments in different counties (cities, districts) should effectively conduct the connection and recommendation of their local projects to the projects by branches of the China Development Bank through filling the turning over application form for small town construction projects, which should be reported to the housing and urban-rural development department at provincial level.

The major supporting content mentioned in the Notice includes: ① Supporting the facility construction aiming at local urbanization of the agricultural population, promotion of the public service level in small towns, and upgrading of the bearing capacity. This part mainly includes: expropriation, demolishment and resettlement, and compensation of land and houses; construction of infrastructure such as water supply, gas supply, heating supply, power supply, communication, roads, etc.; construction of public service facilities like schools, hospitals, neighborhood centers, museums, sports stadiums, libraries, etc.; and construction of various disaster prevention facilities including flood control, drainage, fire control, etc. The emphasis is laid on construction of facilities for sewage treatment, garbage treatment, and water environment control in small towns. ② Supporting the construction of auxiliary facilities that stimulate the industrial development in small towns. This part covers: construction of production platforms such as standard factory buildings, mass-business-initiation space, products trading space; construction of exhibition platforms like exhibition centers, science and technology exhibition centers, cultural communication centers, folk customs inherit base, etc.; construction of service platforms including tourism and leisure platform, commercial trade and logistics, talents apartments, etc., as well as the construction of other supporting facilities stimulating development of special industries. ③ Supporting the construction of projects that are in favor of creating a pleasant small town environment and inheritance of traditional culture, mainly including appearance upgrading projects like renovation of streets and alleys in towns and villages and construction of gardens and green lands; ecological protection projects like creation of rural landscape, restoration of the ecological environment, protection of wetland; and culture protection projects like repair of traditional street blocks, protection of traditional villages, revitalization of intangible cultural heritages, etc.

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