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MOHURD Issues Measures for Administration of Urban Design
On Apr. 10, 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development promulgated Measures for Administration of Urban Design that requires creating city characteristics through combining them with local conditions, and optimizing urban forms. The Measures points out that the urban design should be applied throughout the whole administration process of planning and construction. Through urban design, no matter at the general level or from the perspective of three-dimensional space, the construction layout and landscape appearances should be coordinated in order to reflect the regional characteristics, the national features, and the contemporary style.

Specifically speaking, the urban design in key areas should create distinct city features, stress the co-existence relationship between urban and natural landscape, coordinate the construction of infrastructures, organize the public space functions, pay attention to the spatial scale of constructions, and clarify control standards in height, size, style, and color for architecture; the urban design in related control areas like historic and cultural blocks and historical characteristics protection areas should follow related protection plans and requirements to arrange the spatial layout from a comprehensive perspective, protect and continue the historical and cultural features, and make clear the control requirements for new construction and reformed and expanded construction; the urban design in important streets and blocks should consider local residents’ demands in living and public activities to coordinate the traffic organization, rationally allocate transport facilities, infrastructures, and street furniture, expand the space for walking and greening, and promote the street feature and vitality; for areas outside the key area scope, the urban design can be conducted based on local practical conditions, and the city master plan should be followed in combination with the regulatory detailed planning, when the requirements on architectural characteristics, public space, and landscape features should be clarified. 

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