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Measures for Management of Land Use Master Plan Released
On May 8, 2017, the Measures for Management of Land Use Master Plan was released for enforcement by the Ministry of Land and Resources. The Measures clearly points out that a land use master plan is an essential part of the national spatial planning system and an important basis for implementing land use modes control and management, protecting land resources, and coordinating various land use activities. Different kinds of planning that are related to land use, such as urban and rural construction, regional development, infrastructure construction, industrial development, protection of the ecological environment, and the mineral resources exploration and development, should all be linked with the land use master plan. The Measures includes 9 chapters and 46 items that elaborate norms for the compilation, examination, implementation, modification, and monitoring of a land use master plan. The land use master plan is divided into five levels, i.e., national, province, city, county, and village (town), and the land use plan at the village (town) level is an important part of the land use master plan. According to the law, the government at different levels is responsible for the formulation of a land use master plan, which is designated to special land resource management department. The special land resource management departments compile their land use master plan together with other related departments, and they are also responsible for the review of subordinate land use master plans. When compiling the land use master plan at the city, county, and village (town) level, the land resource management department should cooperate with departments of environmental protection, housing and urban-rural development, etc., to fully consider the ecological protection red line, the permanent basic farmland, and the urban development border, and to outline the urban and rural construction land use management borders and development controlled areas such as the urban-rural construction land use border, expansion border, construction forbidden border, and the construction permitted area, the conditioned construction area, the construction limited area, and the construction forbidden area.

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