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Jiangsu Issues Action Plan for Featured Countryside Construction of Jiangsu Province
To promote the level of rural construction, the provincial party committee and the provincial government of Jiangsu officially issued the Action Plan for Featured Countryside Construction of Jiangsu Province on Jun. 20, 2017. The Plan proposed that, by sticking to the principles of innovation, coordination, green, open, and sharing, and in line with the reality of the Jiangsu’s rural areas, efforts should be made to integrate and upgrade the existing countryside construction and development projects, establish links to related national key projects, further optimize the mountains and rivers, fields and gardens, villages, and other spatial elements, promote the economic, political, cultural, social, and eco-civilization constructions of the rural areas, so as to create featured industries, ecology, and culture, to shape pastoral sceneries, buildings, and lifestyle, to build a beautiful, livable, and vigorous countryside, and to present the featured pastoral reality of Jiangsu’s rural areas with well-protected ecology, well-developed industries, beautiful sceneries, etc. The Plan determined the overall objective that, during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, 100 pilot featured countryside construction sites in the province-level will be established, which will be used to guide the featured countryside construction throughout the province. The Plan put forward six key tasks: scientific planning and design, nurturing and developing industries, protecting the ecological environment, highlighting the cultural characteristics, improving public services, and enhancing rural vitality.  

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