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Ministry of Land and Resources: Rigid Control on Scale of Newly Increased Urban Construction Land Use
The Ministry of Land and Resources recently completed submission of the 2017 urban construction land use to the State Council for approval. In order to practice the most rigid farmland protection and land saving measures, and to further promote the land use efficiency and boost new urbanization construction, the Ministry of Land and Resources reformed their management methods for the submission of urban land use to the State Council for approval in the beginning of this year, which concentrate on the following three aspects.

Firstly, a double control on land use planning will be implemented. In order to enhance the rigid control by the land use master plan, the general amount of urban development land use will be controlled according to the Outline of the National Land Use Master Plan (2006 – 2020); and when submitting the land use amount for approval, the newly increased construction land use amount should not break the limit of annual land use scale for the remaining years of a planning period, nor the limit set by the yearly land use plan.

Secondly, the link between the newly increased land use and the construction land use stock should be established. When reviewing the newly increased urban land use, the supply of already approved land use should be reviewed at the same time. If the land supply proportion in approved land use during 2013 – 2015 is lower than 50%, the submitted land use scale should be reduced accordingly, so as to force the city to promote their land use efficiency.

Thirdly, strict joint examination over the land use should be enforced, and the examination standards should be uniformed, with no exceptional cases permitted, in order to encourage the cities with comparatively more idle land to revitalize their urban land stock and reuse the land efficiently.

In 2017, among the 106 cities that submit for land use approval to the State Council, there are 11 cities making use of their land stock to develop without requiring new urban construction land use; among the 95 cities requiring for new land use, the Ministry of Land and Resources reduced the newly increased land use amount of 16 cities, a total area of 4,541.9 ha that occupies 46.52% in the total amount of new land use required by the 16 cities. The total area approved for urban construction land use in the 95 cities is 31,449.8 ha in 2017, in which 18,837.6 ha is farmland, making up 59.9% in the total approved land use. And among all the approved land use, 20.17% is used on transportation, 20.32% used on public management and public service, 17.11% on commercial service, 18.48% on mining and storage, 22.86% on housing, and 1.06% for other uses.

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