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No. 1 Document of 2018 Issued, Outlining the Road Map for Rural Vitalization
The No. 1 Document supervising the rural work was released on Feb. 4, 2018 by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council. It is the 20th No. 1 Document since the reform and opening up and the 15th since the new century. The title of the document was The Opinions of the CCCPC and the State Council on Implementing the Strategies of Rural Vitalization for outlining the road map for rural vitalization.

The document points out that implementing the rural vitalization strategies is the inevitable requirements for addressing the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people’s ever-growing needs for a better life, realizing the “Two Centenary Goals,” and realizing common wealth for all people. The document allocates the work from aspects such as promoting the quality of agricultural development, boosting green rural development, vitalizing rural culture, constructing new rural governance system, guaranteeing people’s livelihood in rural area, taking targeted measures for poverty alleviation, strengthening the institutional supply, talent support, and input guarantee for rural vitalization, and adhering to and improving the leadership of the CPC on the work concerning agriculture, rural area, and farmers, etc. The document suggests that efforts should be put into opening a rural vitalization path with distinctive Chinese characteristics, developing agriculture into an industry with a bright future, making farming into an attractive occupation, and constructing rural area into a beautiful homeland for people to live. The document also establishes specific targets for rural vitalization: by 2020, major progress should be achieved with fundamental institutional framework and policy system being set up; by 2035, decisive progress should be achieved with fundamental modernization of agriculture and countryside being realized; by 2050, a whole-scale rural vitalization should be achieved when the goals of a competent agriculture industry, beautiful countryside, and well-off farmers will all be realized.

Moreover, the document stresses that top priority should be given to the development of agriculture and the rural area. Rural vitalization should be regarded as a common will and a common action for the CPC, requiring unified recognitions and coordinated arrangement. Therefore, priorities should be given on cadre assignment, factor allocation, fund input, or public service, so as to accelerate remedying the shortcomings in agricultural development and rural area construction in the country.

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