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MOHURD: Household Garbage Sorting Accelerated, Timetables for 46 Key Cities Clarified
MOHURD released the Notice on Accelerating the Household Garbage Sorting in Certain Key Cities, requiring pushing forward the household garbage sorting in 46 key cities such as Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, etc., and establishing demonstration areas for garbage sorting in these cities for 2018.

According to the notice, by the end of March 2018, the 46 cities should form their management and implementation schemes or action plans for the household garbage sorting in their cities, which should clearly state their yearly goal, detailed the content, and quantize the work task. In 2018, all the 46 cities should establish several demonstration areas for garbage sorting in their cities, and explore efficient work mechanism for publicity and promotion, garbage collection and transportation facilities, facilities construction, and other related aspects. With the neighborhood (jiedao) as the basic unit, the construction of demonstration areas for household garbage sorting should be carried out where“three complete coverage” should be realized, i.e., complete coverage of responsibility by the management main body of household garbage sorting, complete coverage of categories of household garbage, and complete coverage of links include classified delivery, collection, transportation, and disposal. Based on the demonstration areas, related experiences should be summarized to drive the overall development with points, and gradually promote the method and pattern of household garbage sorting to the whole district and whole city. Moreover, the acceptance inspection standards for demonstration areas should be established, and daily examination and evaluation should be enhanced, so as to guarantee efficient implementation. By the end of 2020, the 46 cities should set up their household garbage sorting and disposal system, and corresponding laws and regulations and standards system, as well as a series of reproducible and promotable patterns. Before being put into incineration and landfill facilities, the total recycling utilization rate of recyclable garbage and perishable garbage should reach over 35%. By 2035, the 46 cities should establish their urban household garbage sorting system and the sorting level should reach an internationally advanced standard.

Furthermore, the notice stresses that to accelerate the construction of household garbage sorting and disposal system, efforts should be put into 4 aspects of work: standardize classified delivery, standardize classified collection, accelerate construction of a transportation system, and accelerate construction of disposal facilities. In the meantime, the cooperation pattern between the government and market should be renewed to encourage the participation of social capital in various links such as collection, transportation, and disposal. The front and back ends of the garbage sorting should be coordinated to realize an integrated operation. Funds should be raised through multiple channels. When enlarging input onto household garbage sorting system, a compensation mechanism for cross-border transfer of household garbage should be established, and a fee charging policy for household garbage should be gradually completed to set up differentiated fee charging policies and realize charging based on volumes.

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