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CPC Central Committee and the State Council Approves Outline of Hebei Xiongan New Area Plan
On Apr. 20, 2018, the Central Committee of CPC and the State Council replied and approved the Outline of Hebei Xiongan New Area Plan that was submitted by Hebei Provincial CPC, Hebei Provincial People’s Government, and National Development and Reform Commission.

Regarding the construction of Xiongan New Area, the reply puts forward the following requirements: Firstly, the urban space layout should be built up in a scientific way. Xiongan New Area will be developed in clusters, and the peripheral area between Rongcheng County and Anxin County will be used as the start-up area for initial development. The construction will be started within a certain scope of area, the construction of mid-term development area should be carried out steadily and orderly when conditions are matured, and the space for future development should be reserved in the long-term control area. Secondly, the city scale should be set rationally. Using the bearing capacity of resources and environment as the rigid restrictive condition, the development boundary, the population size, the land use scale, and the development intensity of Xiongan New Area should be set scientifically. We should stick to the principles of priority to ecology and green development. And the land use scale should also be controlled within a rational extent. The area of the start-up area will be around 20 – 30 km2, the initial area will be in 100 km2, and the mid-term development area will be about 200 km2. Thirdly, Xiongan New Area should take over the non-capital functions from Beijing orderly. Emphasis should be laid on taking over colleges, medical institutions, enterprises headquarters, financial institutions, public institutions, etc., that are in accordance with the orientation and development demands of Xiongan New Area actively and steadily. And the industry entrance standards should be formed to limit the acceptance and distribution of regular manufacture industry and medium- and low-end tertiary industry. Fourthly, the intelligent city management should be realized. A digital city should be planned and constructed simultaneously with the real city, and the infrastructures for smart city should be prepared in advance, so as to build up a world-leading digital city. Fifthly, high-grade green and ecological environment should be created. Forest planting and national land greening should be carried out in a large scale. The ecological wetland should be integrated into the urban space. The coverage rate of forest in Xiongan New Area will reach 40%, and the greening coverage rate in the initial area will reach as high as 50%. Sixthly, the development of Xiongan New Area will be innovation driven. Targeting at advanced technologies in the world and orienting at the major strategic demand of the country, Xiongan New Area should actively absorb and gather innovative elements and resources, distribute the high-end new industries at a high starting point, put great effort into developing high-end service industry, and build up a modern industrial system coordinating the development of real economy, science and technology innovation, modern finance, and human resources. Seventhly, Xiongan New Area should be built into a livable and business-favorable city. Based on the functional orientation and development demand of Xiongan New Area, a fundamental public service network that is characterized by multiple levels, overall coverage, and human-oriented should be established. The amount of high-quality health resources should be increased in Xiongan New Area, multi-level public employment service should be provided, and the social guarantee service system should be innovated. Eighthly, a new high land for reform and opening-up should be created. The system and institutional reform and innovation measures that are in line with future development direction of China, play a model or demonstration role to the country, or produce remarkable impact to the socio-economic development of Xiongan New Area should be tried and practiced in the new area, in order to form reproducible experienced and provide demonstration for other areas in the country.

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