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MOHURD Facilitates Reform on Pilot Planning in 15 Cities
At the 3rd plenary session of the 1st meeting of 13th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, Huang Yan, the Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development indicates that in order to boost the transition from high-speed to high-quality urban development, the MOHURD are going to use the compilation and implementation of two city master plans of Beijing and Shanghai as the guidance, and carry out the work concerning the reform pilot of urban planning in 15 cities. There are several key points need to be emphasized: first of all, the two roles of urban planning need to be strengthened, that is, the role in strategic guidance and the role in rigid restriction. Secondly, “people” should be regarded as the center on resources and elements allocation. Emphasis should be laid on coordinating the internal relationship between production, life, ecological space, and functions, and related functions should be coordinated and designed within a rational radius, so as to reduce the phenomenon of long-distance commuting by local residents. At the same time, the bearing capacity of a city in infrastructures, public services, and ecological environment should be promoted systematically. Thirdly, the implementation and practice of related planning should be guaranteed. Corresponding responsibility pursuit mechanism and monitor mechanism for performance assessment should be established. Meanwhile, channels should be expanded for citizens to participate more into the whole procedure of urban planning, management, and construction, so as to promote the modernization level of city governance. Urban planning in the future should be more systematic, comprehensive, and compatible, so as to make city safer, more livable, and more inclusive.

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