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Xi Calls for High-Quality Growth Through Developing Yangtze River Economic Belt
President Xi Jinping presided over the symposium on promoting the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt (YREB) in Wuhan on Apr. 26, 2018 and delivered an important speech. He stressed that from a general perspective, more efforts should be put into implementing the development strategy for YREB. It is necessary to fully consider the long-term benefits of the Chinese nation and the top priority should be given to the restoration of the eco-environment along the Yangtze River. Joint efforts should be put into the general protection and any large-scale development should be prohibited, so as to build YREB into a golden economic area with more pleasant eco-environment, more smooth transportation, more collaborated economic development, a more unified market, and a more scientific development mechanism. Meanwhile, a new development route that prioritizes the eco-environment and emphasizes green development should be established after explorations. Xi further emphasized that under the new circumstances, measures should be adopted to handle five relationships to boost the development of YREB: first of all, the relationship between general development and key points breaking through should be well handled, and the general protection and restoration of the eco-environment in YREB should be promoted. Second, the relationship between eco-environmental protection and economic development should be managed by exploring the new development route integrating eco-protection and green development. Third, efforts should be made to properly deal with the relationship between making an overall plan and making unremitting efforts, and stick to a single blueprint until the end. Fourth, efforts should be made to properly deal with the relationship between getting rid of old growth engines and cultivating new engines, and to facilitate the establishment of a modern economic system for the YREB. Finally, efforts should be made to properly deal with the relationship between developing individually and developing in a coordinated way so as to make the YREB an efficient economic entity. What’s more, we should adhere to new development principles, follow the general work keynote of seeking for progress while maintaining stability, and enhance reform and innovation, strategic coordination, and planning guidance, so as to build YREB into a new force that drives the high-quality development of China’s economy.  

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