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MOHURD Allocates 3-Year Action for Renovation of Human Settlements in Rural Area
On Apr. 12, 2018 the symposium on the 3-Year Action for Renovation of Human Settlements in the Rural Area was held in Beijing. Wang Menghui, Minister of MOHURD, attended the symposium and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the 3-year action is a major task allocated by the 19th CPC National Congress, and also a necessary requirement for the construction of a well-off society in an all-round way, and an essential measure to realize the vitalization of the countryside and the construction of a beautiful China. It is required that related works should be renovated to solidly facilitate the 3-year action. First, following the principles of adjusting measures to local conditions and giving classified directions, various elements concerning the local socio-economic development conditions should be fully considered and different renovation tasks and renovation standards should be put forward regarding the conditions of different counties, cities, districts, and villages. Second, the work procedure should be trying out pilot projects before stable progress. Through pilot projects, replicable and extensive experiences and methods should be formed, and the general development should be driven by the promotion of each point. Third, the concept of “co-creation” of beautiful environment and harmonious society should be fully employed, and efforts should be put into establishing a countryside governance system that is vertically and horizontally through and highlights negotiation and collaboration, so as to penetrate the leadership of CPC into each natural village and make the government service accessible at the fundamental social level. Meanwhile, villagers’ will should be fully respected, and a common negotiation, construction, management, assessment, and share mechanism participated by government, village collectives, villagers, and country sage should be established. Fourth, the functions of three parts, i.e., government, market, and society should be brought into full play, and the power of all stakeholders should be fully activated to form a joint force. Fifth, efforts should be made to build the renovation of human settlements in the rural area into a platform for urban and rural integration. The locality urbanization with county as the unit should be boosted, and the integrated development of the primary, secondary, and tertiary industries in rural area should be supported by the urban and fostering agricultural development.

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