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MNR Promotes 3 Pilot Projects for Rural Land Institution Reform
On May 25, 2018 the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) held a meeting to promote the work of 3 pilot projects for the rural land institution reform. Minister Lu Hao delivered a speech. He pointed out that since the start of the pilot projects (rural land expropriation, market access for rural collective construction land, and peasant homestead system reform), the respective local governments responsible for the three projects had paid great attention to organize and facilitate related work collaboratively. After constant efforts, a series of important institutional innovation achievements have been accomplished, but problems such as imbalance of the work in different areas and incomplete work content also remained in the pilot projects. In the future, all pilot projects should carry out an in-depth study on the spirit of the series of important speeches concerning rural land institutional reform delivered by President Xi Jinping and other related requirements by the Central Government, especially the fundamental principles of not breaking the collective-ownership of rural land, not reducing farmland, not weakening the capacity of grain production, and not damaging farmers’ benefits. And the following 5 points should be particularly stressed in the work. First, be courageous for practices to fully experiment all kinds of protruding contradictions and problems in the work. Second, be brave to confront difficulties such as clarifying the public benefits in the reform of land expropriation institution, apply a procedure design that is both open and fair and scientific and simple, establish a multiple guarantee mechanism with rational duration limit, and the set-up of a mechanism for growth value distribution among the nation, collective, and individual. Other issues should also be highlighted like the entity, trading rules, collective decision-making procedure, and relationships between market entering and planning when the collective-owned construction land enters the market, as well as the carrier, form, extension definition, historical issues, and intensive use concerning the “separation of three rights” of land ownership, and using right in the reform of the homestead system. Third, along with the pilot work, related experiences and results should be summarized, and special attention should be paid to connect the work with the spirit of the Central Government. Fourth, during the pilot work, any question and suggestion is encouraged to be put forward. Fifth, procedure control should be enhanced by related departments so as to closely monitor emerging issues, conduct thorough studies, and correct deviations in time.

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