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To Advocate Rational Development of the Areas Around High-Speed Rail Stations
The National Development and Reform Commission, together with the MNR, the MOHURD, and China Railway Corporation, issued the Guiding Opinions Concerning Promoting the Rational Development of the Areas around High-Speed Rail Stations. The Opinions puts forward major tasks including enhancing the role of planning in related guidance and control, rationally defining the location and scale of high-speed rail stations, strictly saving the land and promoting intensive land use, stimulating integrated development of stations and cities, promoting the supporting capacity of a comprehensive infrastructure, controlling the time cost on development and construction, preventing the debt risk of local government, and renovating the system and mechanism for development and construction. In terms of stimulating the integrated development of stations and cities, the Opinions clarify that the development of areas around high-speed rail stations should give lights to industry and city integration, station and city collaboration, rational labor division should be made between the station area and the built up urban area, and simultaneous planning and collaborative boosting on urban function layout, comprehensive transportation system, and infrastructure co-construction and sharing should also be emphasized. What’s more, certain cities should fully consider their special resources, advantageous characteristics, and development orientation, choose their industries with fundamental conditions, special characteristics, and great development potential, so as to establish a preferential industrial system and avoid the disorderly competition and mutual restriction in the area around the station. The areas around the high-speed rail stations in large cities can carry out studies on orderly development of industrial functions including high-end service industries, commerce and logistics, business conference exhibition; and the areas around medium- and small-scale high-speed rail stations should rationally distribute its surrounding industries and steadily develop industrial functions including retail, hotel, and catering.  

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