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CPC Central Committee and the State Council Releases National Rural Revitalization Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022)
In September 2018, CPC Central Committee and the State Council released a National Rural Revitalization Strategic Plan (2018 – 2022). The Plan stresses that the basic principles of the rural revitalization strategy are: insisting on the leadership of the CPC in rural work, insisting on priority to development of agriculture and rural area, insisting on the dominant position of farmers, insisting on a comprehensive rural revitalization, insisting on an integrated urban and rural development, insisting on the harmony between human and nature, insisting on reform, innovation, and vitality stimulation, and insisting on adjusting measures to local conditions and progressively.

According to the Plan, by 2020, the institutional framework and the policy system of rural revitalization will be basically formed, the ideas and measures concerning rural revitalization by different departments in different areas will be decided, and the goal of building up a well-off society in an all-round manner will be realized as planned. By 2022, the institutional framework and the policy system will be completed preliminarily, a bunch of patterns and experiences on rural revitalization with their distinctive characteristics will be formed, and the phased achievements on rural revitalization will be accomplished. By 2035, decisive progress in rural revitalization will be made and the modernization of agriculture and rural areas will be basically realized. And by 2050, a comprehensive rural revitalization with strong agriculture, rural beauty and rich farmers will all be achieved. The Plan is divided into 11 parts and 37 chapters. Following the requirements of prosperous industrial development, livable ecological environment, civilized rural area, efficient governance, and well-off living conditions, the Plan makes phased planning for the implementation of rural revitalization strategy, elaborates the key points and policies and measures in related work, and allocates major projects, plans, and actions in order to guarantee the full implementation and practice of the rural revitalization strategy. Therefore, the Plan should be regarded as a fundamental basis guiding the orderly progress of rural revitalization for all departments in different areas.

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