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The State Council Launches Third National Land Survey
In order to carry out the third national land survey, the State Council held a special meeting on national land survey on Aug. 16. The meeting arranges the work concerning supporting the new responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources and improves the implementation scheme of the “three surveys.” Firstly, the general orientation of “three surveys” should be highlighted. Related work should be pushed forward from the perspective of supporting the management of natural resources and from the level of facilitating ecological civilization construction. On the basis of objectively reflecting the land resource and current land use conditions, the fundamental attribute of land as an ecological base of natural resources should be further enhanced. Favorable conditions should be created for the solving of problems such as the natural resource owner not being in place and overlapping spatial planning and a sound foundation should be laid down for the general protection, systematic restoration, and comprehensive management of mountain, water body, forest, land, lake and grass. Secondly, the categories of “three surveys” will be adjusted. The category name of “garden” will be adjusted to “planting garden” and the category name of “commercial service land use” will be adjusted to “land use for commercial and service industries,” both of which maintain their original category definition. The classification of land use for logistics and warehousing should be further refined and adjusted. “Wetland” is adjusted into Class I category, parallel with farmland, forestry land, grassland, and other Class I category. A thorough survey and mark on grassland with 30% – 40% coverage percentage of shrubs will be carried out. And the classification of urban construction land use will be further refined. Thirdly, the implementation scheme of “three surveys” will be improved. The land resource and its current use condition within the national land and sea border should be clarified to support the land and sea coordination. Efforts should be put into strengthening the construction of a basic information platform and into gradually building up a unified platform for unified management and comprehensive monitor of natural resources. The expressive form of the “three surveys” achievements should be enriched to further represent the attribute information of natural resources and highlight the characteristics of natural resources like mountain, water, forest, land, lake, and grassland to form a natural resource base map with land as its ground.

The State Council leadership team for the third national land survey was set up in early 2018, with Han Zheng, Vice Premier of the State Council, as the team leader, Ding Xuedong, Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council, and Lu Hao, Minister of Natural Resources, as the deputy team leader. The office of the team was set inside the Ministry of Natural Resources.

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