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“Three-Determination” Scheme for Ministry of Natural Resources Released
In August 2018, the general office of CPC Central Committee

released the Provisions on Functions, Structure, and Staffing of the Ministry of Natural Resources. According to the Provisions, the Ministry of Natural Resources is a composing department of the State Council and will remain its original label of State Oceanic Administration. The Provisions clarifies 21 duties, 25 internal departments, 3 categories of field agency, and total 691 staff members of the ministry.

The primary responsibilities of the Ministry of Natural Resources are: ① fulfilling the owner responsibilities of of all natural resources assets including land, mineral, forestry, grassland, wetland, water, ocean, etc., which are state- owned, and the responsibilities for managing the use of all national land and spaces; ② responsible for survey, monitoring, and assessment of natural resources; ③ responsible for unified confirmation and registration of natural resources; ④ responsible for compensated use of natural resources assets; ⑤ responsible for rational development and use of natural resources; ⑥ responsible for establishment of spatial planning system and supervising its implementation; ⑦ responsible for coordinating the ecological repair and restoration of national land and space; ⑧ responsible for organizing the implementation of the most strict farmland protection policy; ⑨ responsible for managing the geological survey industry and the geological work of the whole nation; ⑩ responsible for implementing related requirements for comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction, and organizing formulation of the geological disaster prevention and management plans and standards and supervising for implementation; ⑪ responsible for management of mineral resources; ⑫ responsible for supervising implementation of marine strategic plan and development of marine economy; ⑬ responsible for supervising and managing the development, use, and protection of oceans; ⑭ responsible for management of geographical survey and mapping information; ⑮ the science and technological development in the field of natural resources; ⑯ international cooperation on natural resources; ⑰ based on the authorization by the Central Government, conduct inspections over the implementation by local government of major policies, decision deployment, and enforcement of laws and regulation concerning natural resources and national land and space planning that are issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; ⑱ managing the National Forestry and Grassland Administration; ⑲ managing the China Geological Survey; ⑳ finishing other tasks assigned by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council; ㉑ functional transformation.

Internal organs of the Ministry of Natural Resources include: the general office, the department of general affairs, the law and regulation department, the department of natural resources survey and monitor, the natural resources unified confirmation and registration administration, the department of rights and benefits of natural resources owners, the department of natural resources development and use, the territorial spatial planning administration, the department of territorial and space use control, the department of territorial spatial eco-restoration, the department of farmland protection supervision, the department of geological survey management, the department of mineral right management, the department of mineral resources protection and supervision, the department of marine strategic planning and economy, the department of sea area and oceanic island management, the department of marine early-warning monitor, the department of national land survey and mapping, the department of geographic information management, the office of general inspection on national natural resources, the law enforcement administration, the department of science and technological development, the department of international cooperation (the department of marine rights and benefits), the department of financial affairs and fund operation, and the department of human resource.

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