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2018 Annual Conference of the Female Planners Committee, China Association of City Planning Held in Changsha
From Nov. 10 to 11, 2018, the 2018 Annual Conference of the Female Planners Committee, from the China Association of City Planning was held in Changsha. The conference was held by the Female Planners Committee, China Association of City Planning, and sponsored by Changsha Municipal Urban and Rural Planning Bureau and Changsha Municipal Women’s Federation.

On Nov. 10, the opening ceremony was held in Changsha Planning Exhibition Center, which was attended by nearly 100 female planners, planning managers, and scholars and experts from different Chinese cities. The theme of the conference was “Child Friendly and Urban-Rural Sustainable Development.” From the perspective of facilitating child friendly and urban-rural sustainable development, the conference carried out discussion on exploring planning method for better urban life under the spirit of the CPC 19th National Congress. As a grand gathering with female planners as the leading role, the conference shows its unique features in publicity and space design, which are attractive and human-oriented. What’s more, a series of academic keynote speeches on themes like “Reflections on Construction of National Land and Spatial Planning System under the Background of a New Era,” “Industrial Innovation Path and Transformation of City Operation,” “New Practices of Rural Planning Oriented at Implementation,” and “Creating Safer, More Interesting, and Fairer Child Friendly Urban Space,” were delivered, all of which showcased a beautiful blueprint that under rational urban planning, the urban life is gradually improved, the rural environment is gradually optimized, and the youth and children are growing up healthily.

Prof. Zuo Chuan, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, Prof. Liu Jian, Managing Chief Editor of CCPR, and Prof. Liu Jiayan, Editor of CCPR attended the conference.

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