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400 Million Senior Citizens in 2040 with Acceleration of Aging in China
A representative of China National Committee of Aging declared that there will be more than 200 million senior citizens in 2015 and this number will reach 400 million in 2040.

LI Bengong, Deputy Director of the General Office of China National Committee of Aging and President of China Academy of Gerontics, stated that it is estimated that around 2040 the population of India will exceed that of China; however, China will be the country with the largest number of senior citizen for a long time in the world. The population of senior citizen in China at present is equal to the total population of senior citizen in the whole Europe.

According to LI Bengong, there were 130 million senior citizens in China in 2003 and the number has reached 142 million last year which accounted for 11 percent of the total population. He anticipated that the number of senior citizen will reach 160 million by 2010 which will make up almost 12 percent of the total population, and it will break through 200 million in 2015, and even as high as 400 million around 2044.

Siri Tellier, representative of United Nations Population Fund stationed in China, has also disclosed that due to the rapid decrease of the death rate and birth rate, the trend of aging of China's society will accelerate after 2005.

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