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Ministry of Construction Organized Planning of the Megalopolis of the Yangtze River Delta Region
With the Ministry of Construction taking the lead, Shanghai Municipal Government, together with Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui Provincial Governments jointly conducted the planning of the megalopolis of the Yangtze River Delta Region, in order to implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th Central Committee and that of the General Secretary, HU Jintao's speech at the 25th Learning Seminar of the Central Political Bureau, to promote the sustainable and harmonious development of urbanization in the Yangtze River Delta, and to improve its overall competitiveness to play a driving and radiating role in the economic development of China's mainland.

The Megalopolis Planning of the Yangtze River Delta Region is one of the important guidelines for the relevant local governments to make both provincial town system plan, and city master plan, to determine the distribution of regional infrastructures, and to coordinate the activities &resources development and ecological environment protection. It also serves as the action framework and the communication platform for carrying out the cooperations between the cities. Through the formulation of the Megalopolis Planning of the Yangtze River Delta Region, it is expected to explore the measures to solve the contradictions occurring in the process of urban spatial development, to facilitate the improvement of the urban and rural planning system, and to advance the institutional innovation of urban and rural planning. It is hoped that it can set a good example to guide the planning of the other regions.

The principles of the Megalopolis Planning of the Yangtze River Delta Region are to display the basic functions of establishing and carrying out urban and rural planning of the provincial and municipal governments, and to study and resolve the development, construction and protection problems at the regional level that require the joint research & the whole region, under the guidance of National City System Planning.

The coordination with other relevant plannings is highlighted in the megalopolis planning of the Yangtze River Delta Region. It is suggested to fully adopt the relevant research achievements of the economic planning of the Yangtze River Delta Region and the planning of regional social development, which are being produced by the Commission of Development and Reform of the country. The strategic deployment and the administrative requirements on the development of the Yangtze River Delta Region of relevant administrations must also be studied.

The public policy property of planning must be represented. Firstly, a common idea on the development strategies and goals must be achieved, and a common action guideline must be established; secondly, with achieving all-win as the goal, the strategic resources and key areas which call for joint protection, as well as the infrastructures and facilities with regional significance which need joint construction must be clarified.

The emphases of planning must be given prominence. According to the requirements of legal administration, the elementary role of market in resource allocation must be brought into full play, so as to improve and strengthen the macro-control. The reasonable work division of urban functions must be realized in the structure optimization, so as to promote the regional creativity and comprehensive capacity. The regional infrastructure network must be optimized and integrated to promote the quality and benefit of the economic development. A harmonious relationship between the man and the nature must be constructed through strengthening ecologic environment protection and resource saving and integrated utilization, so as to realize a sustainable development.

The special researches must be strengthened. The following issues require thorough studies: overseas experiences and lessons of megalopolis development; the dynamic mechanism of urbanization, the comprehensive transportation system, the planning implementation mechanism and the creativity system of the Yangtze River Delta Region; the patterns of city supporting countryside and industry fostering agriculture, industrial structure upgrading and the pattern of urban space, the development of land utilization pattern of compact towns; the issues of how to promote the international competitiveness of Yangtze River Delta Region, and how to utilize the water resource while preventing pollution.

An organizing process of from-top-to-bottom and from-bottom-to-top must be adopted. The close cooperation between research institutions and government departments and between different planning units must be strengthened. Experts of different fields must play important roles.

According to the requirement of MOC, the planning must be implemented in five phases so as to be completed at the end of 2006. At the first phase, by the end of 2005, current planning achievements must be exchanged and analyzed; and at the same time, the general frame and specific work program, as well as the content of special researches and list of research units must be determined. Then relevant materials must start to be collected. At the second phase, from January to March 2006, the primary research results must be brought forward after conducting special investigations on local regions, based on which a planning outline must be forwarded linking up with the national and local 11th Five-year planning. At the third phase, from April to June 2006, the planning program must be further revised and improved after fully hearing the opinions of different provinces and cities, departments concerned, as well as experts and advisors. At the last phase, from November to December 2006, the final planning result must be revised and achieved, before being reported to the State Council.

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