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Breaking Administrative Boundary, Six Metropolitan Regions will Emerge around Hangzhou Bay
As an important part of the Yangtze River Delta, the areas around Hangzhou Bay in Zhejiang Province will make efforts to bring up six metropolitan regions of Hangzhou, Ningbo, Jiaxing, Shaoxing, Huzhou, and Zhoushan in the following 15 years, and further form three city regions of Hang-Shao, Yong-Zhou, and Jia-Hu. The Strategic Planning on Space Development of City Regions around Hangzhou Bay, recently issued by the government of Zhejiang Province, showed that in the future in these most actively developing areas, the concepts of "metropolitan region" and "city region" will break the boundary of current administrative division, improving the efficiency of resource allocation and promoting the sustainable development. Along with the construction of the traffic thoroughfares like the across-sea bridge of Hangzhou Bay, these regions will be gradually integrated into "Shanghai One-day Economic Circle".

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