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Public Opinions Observed in Urban Renovation in Guangzhou
Guangzhou Municipal Bureau of Land and House lately revealed that in the urban renovation project of Jiefangzhong Road in the Old City of Guangzhou, the mechanism of public participation was introduced for the first time by way of “having government coordinate and residents participate, dismantling the old while building the new, and improving the environment”.

Within the framework of the urban renovation project of Jiefangzhong Road, all the families who are the tenants of the house administration department were relocated elsewhere, while those who are the owners of the private houses moved back after the renovation, and public facilities and green lands were added, fire prevention channels were dredged, so as to decrease the dwelling density and to improve the living conditions in the area. With respect to the original network of streets and alleys, the measures of dismantling the old and building the new, as well as those of preservation and renovation were applied, with the exterior of the red-brick houses that are of certain scale and considerable quality, and characterized by the house style of the area south of the Five Ridges being repaired and renovated from the perspective of protection.

As the experimental project of renovating the dilapidated houses in the Old City of Guangzhou, this project demonstrated the new pattern of urban renovation with government’s guidance and residents’ participation. In order to put into effect this pattern, the administrative departments concerned managed to distribute questionnaires, publicize planning schemes, and hold resident meetings to the property owners and tenants in the area that was to be renovated. Only when 70% of the property owners agree with the renovation, could the departments concerned start to discuss with the property owners about the scheme of reconstructing the dilapidated houses.

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