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Urban Construction Land Approved by Ministry of Land and Resources in 2009 Increases 16.7% over 2008
The State Council of China recently completed the review and approval of the urban construction land-use plans 2009 of 81 cities from 31 provinces (regions, metropolises). After a thorough investigation, the State Council decreased the urban construction land by 1,522.3 ha, of which 1106.1 ha was newly increased for urban construction. After the reduction, the total land area for urban construction approved by the State Council is 34,422.37 ha, which is distributed among the 81 cities. Of the total, 25,265.69 ha is newly increased for urban construction, an increase of 16.7% over 2008; and about 80.2%, i.e., 27,618.54 ha, is collective-owned land in the countryside. What’s more, nearly 81.1% of the land is designated for housing construction to fulfill a fundamental housing demand which includes affordable housing, low-rent housing, and regular commercial housing at mid-range and low prices and in mid-size and small units.

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