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China’s State Council Approves Construction of 2260 km of Metro Lines in 22 Cities
Recently, the State Council of China approved the construction plans for subways of 22 cities. 79 rail transport lines will be established by 2015, with a total mileage of 2259.84 km and a total cost of 882.003 billion yuan (RMB).

By the end of 2008, there were 29 rail transport lines in 10 cities in China, with a total mileage of 776 km and an annual passenger volume of 2.21 billion people. Though the statistics are incomplete, there are additional 50 rail transport lines, 1154 km long in total, under construction in 15 cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.

At present, the State Council of China approves metro construction in a city based on three indexes: an urban population above three million, a local GDP above 100 billion yuan (RMB), and an expected local fiscal income above 10 billion yuan (RMB). For light rail lines, the cities must meet 60% of each of the three conditions stated above. Currently, there are nearly 50 cities in China preparing to construct rail transport lines.

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