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National Development and Reform Commission Determines Eight Strategic Focuses of 12th Five-year Plan
On Sept. 28, the National Development and Reform Commission convened the national picture phone meeting, accelerated the drafting of local 12th Five-year Plans.

ZHANG Ping, Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, indicated in the meeting that the definition of the strategic focuses of the 12th Five-year Plan should be in accordance with the new changes of international environment and new demands of domestic development, fully embody the strategic thinking of scientific and harmonious development, reflect the new demands of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and aim at settling outstanding contradictions in socio-economic development, so as to push forward in-depth studies on the vital problems of overall and strategic importance.

In this respect, the focuses of the Plan include the following eight aspects:

①By means of expanding domestic demand, especially establishing the permanent mechanism of expanding the consumer demand, maintain a long, steady and comparatively fast development of the economy;

②By means of strengthening the innovation ability and cultivating new strategic industries, optimize the economic structure;

③By means of advancing the urbanization process and accelerating the new rural communities construction, adjust and optimize urban-rural structure;

④By means of optimizing the allocation of productive force and making the competitive advantages of different regions, push forward regional harmonious development;

⑤By means of energy saving and emission reduction, as well as developing green economy and low carbon economy, strengthen the capability of sustainable development;

⑥By means of improving public service and social management, promote harmonious and stable development of the society;

⑦By means of deepening the reform of major fields and key links, improve the socialist market economy system;

⑧By means of transforming the development mode of foreign economic relations, form new advantages in international cooperation and foreign competition.

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