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Guangzhou Completes its Bicycle Path Network Plan
Recently, the Municipal Government of Guangzhou required that when constructing new roads in the city, bicycle paths should be built alongside in certain sections. In order to make it easy for bicycles to connect with other transport modes, the Rail Transport Connection Planning of Guangzhou designed bicycle parking lots beside subway stations, as well as near bus terminals in the suburbs.

In Shenzhen, a bicycle path network will also be gradually completed in conjunction with the roadway renovations in the city. Bicycle parking lots and other transportation facilities for bicycles will be built near subway stations and bus stations in order to connect bicycle riders to other transport means. Isolated bicycle paths will also be constructed in certain areas. In addition, it is stated in the Transportation Improvement Planning for Bicycles and Pedestrians of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone that a bicycle path network, with a total length of 490 km (bidirectional), will be created in the city in 2011, of which 270 km is newly planned bicycle paths.

In view of the successful experience of “green path” construction in western countries, the Department of Construction of Guangdong Provincial Government organized research projects on the construction of a green path network in the Pearl River Delta Region (PRDR), and is going to make related proposals to the provincial government. “Green paths” refer to the green open spaces built along natural features like riversides, valleys, ridgeways, and scenic roads, where riding bicycle and walking are the primary transport means. Exploratory research on the construction of “green paths” has been carried out in certain areas of cities in the PRDR.

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