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Annual Conference of China City Planning 2009 Held in Tianjin
From Sept. 12 to 14, 2009, the Annual Conference of China City Planning 2009, organized by Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) in collaboration with Tianjin Municipal Government and sponsored by Tianjin Planning Bureau, was held in Tianjin Binhai International Exhibition Center. Operating at a high academic level, with intensive information exchange and broad participation in a series of meetings, forums, and exhibitions, the conference provided a platform for different cities of China to share their latest achievements in the fields of planning study, planning administration, planning and design, and planning education, and to exchange their views on hot issues and challenges in urban planning. Over 2200 representatives from different cities in Mainland China, as well as planners from Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region, and Taiwan Area attended the conference.

JIANG Weixin, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, sent special remarks to the conference, and QIU Baoxing, Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, delivered a speech on it. LI Zhendong, President of Chinese City Water Association, XIONG Jianping, Vice Mayor of Tianjin Municipal Government, and LIU Guozheng, Vice Secretary-General of Chongqing Municipal Government attended the conference. Institutions including China Association for Science and Technology, China Association of Mayors, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, Architectural Society of China, China Association of City Planning expressed their congratulations to the conference.

The general meeting of the conference was presided over by WANG Jingxia, Vice President of UPSC, and XIONG Jianping made an opening remark. Regarding the theme of Urban Planning and Scientific Development, five keynote speeches were delivered, that is Challenges and Opportunities Amid Mid- and Post-Urbanization in China: New Trends of Reform in Urban Planning by Qiu Baoxing, Retrospection and Prospection on China’s 60 Years’ Planning by ZHOU Ganzhi, Urban Planning in Development by ZOU Deci, Analysis on Macro Economic Environment by CHEN Quansheng, and China’s Sustainable Planning for World Expo 2010 by WU Zhiqiang. Among the 1,127 papers submitted from different cities of China, 164 were read and discussed during various meetings of the conference; and a conference proceeding titled City Planning and Scientific Development was also published.

Twelve themed meetings were held during the conference with the theme of Housing Construction and Community Planning, Ecological City Planning, Regional Study and City Master Plans, Legislation Construction and Planning Administration, Historic and Cultural Protection and City Renovation, Town and Village Planning, Gardening and Landscaping, Urban Land and Development Management, Construction Planning and Disaster Prevention and Reduction, Detailed Planning and City Design, Industrial Development Zone Planning, and Urban Transport Planning respectively. Five open forums were also held to debate on the issues of what is a good planning, how to coordinate urban and rural planning, what are the impacts of Low Carbon on planning, what is the key role of Master Planning, and what is the role of Regulatory Planning. Unlike the previous annual conferences of China city planning, UPSC organized two special forums in collaboration with the World Bank and Hong Kong Institute of Planners, during which overseas scholars introduced their latest research achievements.

On the afternoon of Sept. 12, the exhibition entitled City Planning and Scientific Development & Achievements of China City Planning and Construction in 60 Years was opened during the conference. Totally urban planning administration, design, consultative, and service institutions demonstrated their latest achievements of urban planning on the exhibition, reflecting the remarkable accomplishments of urban planning and construction in China during the 60 years since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, especially in the years after adopting the policy of promoting scientific development.

During the conference, the extended meeting of the ninth session of the third Standing Council Committee of UPSC, the fourth National Assembly Meeting of UPSC, the first session of the fourth Council Committee of UPCS, and the editorial board meeting of China City Planning Review were held, and a cooperative agreement between UPSC and Macao City Planning Association was also signed.

In the conference, the UPSC presented the Excellent Organization Award of Annual Conference of China City Planning 2009 to 12 institutions and the Fifth UPSC Youth Dissertation Award to 12 young planners. Fourty-nine scholars received the Senior Membership Certificates of the UPSC, while ZHOU Ganzhi and ZOU Deci received the Outstanding Contribution Award, the highest prize of the UPSC.

It was announced during the conference that the Annual Conference of China City Planning 2010 will be held in Chongqing in September 2010.

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