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Ministry of Natural Resources Puts Forward Key Works for 2019
On Jan. 17, 2019, the working conference on national natural resources was held in Beijing, on which some key works for 2019 were put forward by the Ministry of Natural Resources. They include: clarifying the responsibilities of owner of the natural resources assets whose ownership belong to the entire people, carrying forward the third national land survey, upgrading the efficiency of real estate registration and related service levels, accelerating the completion of property ownership system of natural resources assets, and deepening the construction of paid use of natural resources and market system; optimizing the land and spatial development and protection system, implementing the establishment of “multi-plan integrated” territorial and spatial planning system, strictly controlling the usages of land and space, and enhancing the ecological protection and restoration of land space; implementing the most strict farmland protection and land saving institution, completing the control task of “illegal agricultural greenhouse” in time and at high quality, firmly guarding the red line of farmland protection, strengthening the intensive land use mechanism, and consolidating and deepening the three pilot projects for rural land system reform, they are collective construction land use, homestead marketing, and rural land acquisition; pushing forward implementation of the strategy of a powerful oceanic nation, facilitating the high-quality development of oceanic economy, strictly managing and controlling sea enclosure and filling, and promoting the capacity of oceanic disaster prevention and control; enhancing the protection and development of forestry and grass resources, accelerating the establishment of a natural protection land system with the national parks as main body, orderly expanding the scale of returning farmland to forests or grass, and carrying out the national land greening action; grasping the work relating to geological disaster prevention and control, promoting the capacity of science and technology support, enhancing projects management, and strengthening the control from sources.

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