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CPC Central Committee and State Council Issue Outline of Digital Village Development Strategy
On May 16, 2019, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council issued Outline of Digital Village Development Strategy (shortened into the Outline in the following part), together with a notice requiring discreet implementation by related departments in all areas.

The Outline points out that by 2020, a primary progress should be achieved in the field of digital village construction. The coverage rate of 4G in administrative villages of the country should be more than 98%, and the popularization rate of internet connection should be significantly promoted in the rural area. By 2025, major progress should be achieved in the digital countryside construction. The application of 4G in rural area should be further deepened and popularized, innovative application of 5G should also be carried out, and the “digital gap” between urban and rural areas should be considerably narrowed down. By 2035, a remarkable progress in digital countryside construction should be achieved. The “digital gap” between urban and rural areas should be significantly narrowed down, and farmers’ digital qualification should be significantly promoted. And by the mid-21st century, the construction of the digital countryside should be completed to a general extent, which will contribute to the overall rural revitalization, so as to realize the goal of strong agricultural industry, beautiful countryside, and well-off farmers.

According to the Outline, the primary tasks for a digital countryside construction are: to accelerate information infrastructures construction in rural area, to develop rural digital economy, to strengthen scientific and technological innovative supply to agriculture and rural development, to construct intelligent and green countryside, to let thrive and develop countryside network culture, to boost the modernization of rural governance capacity, to deepen information people-benefit service, to stimulate the internal impetus of rural revitalization, to promot the deepened development of internet poverty relief, and to coordinate and boost the integrated development of urban and rural informationization.

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