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NDRC Issues Key Tasks for New Urbanization Construction in 2019
In order to fully implement the spirit of the Central Economic Working Conference, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the Key Tasks for New Urbanization Construction in 2019 on Apr. 8, which puts forward four major tasks as follows. Firstly, the citizenization of the agricultural transfer population should be accelerated. Following the principles of respecting people’s will and their independent choices, the emphasis should be laid on agricultural transfer population with attentions paid toward graduated students from universities and professional colleges (technical colleges) and employee migrating from other cities. The settling down of the population with no local hukou should be boosted, so should the access to fundamental public service for urban residents without local hukou. Secondly, the urbanization layout and pattern should be further optimized. Following the principle of coordinated planning, rational layout, labor division and cooperation, and driving the development of smaller cities with support of larger cities, the healthy development of city clusters and metropolis groups should be promoted based on the resources and environmental bearing capacity, so as to set up an urbanization spatial pattern in favor of the coordinated development of large-, medium-, and small-sized cities, and small towns. Thirdly, the high-quality urban development should be facilitated. The urban spatial planning and the industrial layout and population distribution should be coordinated and optimized, and the sustainable urban development capacity should be promoted to construct modern cities in favor of both living and working, and full of local features and vitality. Fourthly, the urban and rural integrated development should be accelerated. Supported by the strategies of rural revitalization and new urbanization, and aiming at narrowing down the gap between either the urban and rural development level or the living level of urban and rural residents, the urban and rural integrated development institution and mechanism, as well as the policy system, should be established and improved, the free flowing and equal exchange of urban and rural elements should be realized, the rational allocation of public resources should be realized, and the new form of urban and rural relationship should be reshaped.  

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