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MOHURD Publicizes Latest National Standards for Urban Planning
Lately, several standards including the Urban Comprehensive Transportation System Planning Standard, Urban Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Planning Standard, Scenic and Historic Area Gerenal Planning, Urban Environment Planning Standard, Urban Sanitation Facility Planning Standard, and Sponge City Construction Assessment Standard, were publicized on the official website of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (MOHURD). Based on the completed urban transport norms system, the Urban Comprehensive Transportation System Planning Standard highlights the coordination between the comprehensive urban transport system and the urban society, economy, and space, as well as that of various sub-systems inside the urban comprehensive transport system, and optimizes and adjusts the goal and content of transportation planning. The Urban Comprehensive Disaster Prevention Planning Standard provides a general technical standard for the formulation of urban disaster prevention planning and related management work. It follows the principle of “focusing on prevention in combination with disaster resistance, avoidance, and relief,” and applies the method of being human oriented, preparing measures for both peace and disaster time, dealing with incidents in combination with local conditions, and paying attention to key areas, in order to provide standards for the establishment of high-efficiency and scientific urban safety and comprehensive disaster prevention system. The Urban Environment Planning Standard requires that urban environment planning should respect nature, comply with nature, and protect nature, by strictly managing and controlling the ecological space. Moreover, the principles of priority to protection, focusing on prevention, layout optimization, comprehensive control, and encouraging public participation should be observed to enhance the environment protection. The Sponge City Construction Assessment Standard clarifies regulations relating to the assessment content and method of sponge city construction. It requires that the construction of sponge city should protect the natural ecological pattern, follow the concepts of “emission reduction from sources, procedure control, and systematic management” in system design, and apply the methods of “penetration, retention, storage, cleaning, using, and emission” to reach the comprehensive goal of sponge city construction. Both the Scenic and Historic Area General Planning Standard and the Urban Sanitation Facility Planning Standard are revised based on their original versions.  

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