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Ministry of Transport Releases Outline of Digital Transport Development Plan
On Jul. 25, 2019, the Ministry of Transport released the Outline of Digital Transport Development Plan, which requires to use the “digital chain” as the main line to establish a digital collection system, a network transport system, and an intelligent application system, to accelerate the transition of transport informationization development toward digitalization, networking, and intelligence.

The Outline stresses that the digital transport development of China will establish a digital collection system to boost the all-element and full-circle digitalization of the transport infrastructures in terms of planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, and management, to realize the coverage of a transport sensing network of key sections of railways, highways, and waterways, and key nodes of bridges, channels, etc., and to pushing forward the intelligence of vehicles and equipment. A network-based transport system will be established, the in-depth integration between the special transport network and the “sky network” and “public network” should be enhanced, the allocation and application of Telematics, 5G, and satellite communication information network should be boosted, and the communication information network on expressways in the country should be further improved, so as to form a transport information communication network that integrates various networks and is capable of providing a network communication service with wide coverage, low delay. Efforts should be put into building up an intelligent application system, creating digitalized travel assistants, providing customized “door-to-door” whole-process travel service for passengers, developing new patterns and industrial types of “Internet Plus” high-efficiency logistics, and accelerating the whole-procedure digitalization of logistic services. According to the Outline, by 2025, a fundamental digitalized collection system and network-based transport system will be formed in China to realize the whole-process coverage of travel information, and the new phase development of a logistics service platform and integration; by 2035, the digitalization of all elements and the whole-procedure of the transport infrastructures will be realized, the comprehensive competitiveness of the digital transport industry of China should at an advanced level in the world. 

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