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Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Urban and Rural Planning Released
On Mar. 29, 2019, the 12th session of 15th Standing Committee of People’s Congress of Beijing Municipality reviewed and approved the revised version of Regulations of Beijing Municipality on Urban and Rural Planning, which is enforced for implementation from Apr. 28, 2019. From then on, the implementation status of the city master plan will be examined every year. Beijing Municipality will set up a review, approval, and management system for engineering construction projects that is whole-procedure covered, whole-period service, covers full-elements publicization, and full supervision. The illegal construction that dilapidates public benefits will not get access to public municipal services. The law enforcement agency needs to record the whole procedure of illegal construction dismantling, activities hindering the dismantling will be punished, and the cost on compulsive dismantling should be paid by owners of the illegal construction. The Regulations require to establish and improve a planning formulation system that manages the whole city proper, composed of different levels and hierarchies, and boosts multi-plan integration, so as to organize the work concerning urban and rural planning based on related plans. Various types of urban and rural planning should be formulated based on the one at superior level: the zoning plan and the regulatory plan of the functional core area of capital and city sub-center should be compiled based on the city master plan, the regulatory plan and the township and town plan should be based on the zoning plan; and the village plan should be based on the township and town plan. Efforts should also be put into establishing a neighborhood renewal mechanism that is featured by coordination at the district level, with sub-districts as the main body, collaboration among different departments, support by professional institutions, and extensive participation by the society, promoting the urban renewal pattern with block as the unit, and setting up a city design management system that goes through the whole procedure of urban planning, construction, and management. Moreover, a multi-plan integration platform opening to the society should be established, and the comprehensive planning implementation scheme for construction projects based on either regulatory plan and village plan should be formulated and publicized as well.

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