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State Council Releases Notice to Improve Policies Concerning Point-Based Household Registration in Megacities
On Dec. 25, 2019, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China (CCCPC) and the General Office of the State Council released the Opinions Concerning Facilitating Reform of the System and Mechanism for Social Mobility of Laborers and Talents (shortened into the Opinions in the following part), together with a notice requiring thorough implementation by related departments in all areas.

The Opinions requires that efforts should be put into boosting the high-quality economic development and consolidate the basis of social mobility. Employment priority policy should be implemented to create mobility chance, coordinated regional development should be promoted to facilitate balanced mobility, and innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation should be supported to stimulate mobility impetus.

Emphasis should be laid upon clearing the channel for orderly mobility, stimulating vitality of social mobility, and guiding the regional mobility through household registration system and public services. The household registration restriction for cities with a permanent population of less than 3 million will be abolished, and the conditions for household registration in large cities with a permanent population from 3 to 5 million will be loosened to a general extent. Moreover, the point-based household registration policy for megacities with a permanent population of more than 5 million will be further improved by simplifying point calculation items, so as to ensure that the years of social insurance payment and the years of residence can be counted as the major items.

What’s more, the assessment and stimulation mechanism should be improved to expand the social mobility space and the development space of grass-root personnel. The rewarding and stimulation toward grass-root personnel should be enhanced, and the promotion channel for technical talents should be expanded.  

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