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Ministry of Natural Resources: Enhancing Planning and Land Use Guarantee to Support the Elderly Service Development
On Dec. 5, 2019, the Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Natural Resources on Enhancing Planning and Land Use Guarantee to Support the Elderly Service Development (shortened into the Opinions in the following part) was released. Being problem-oriented, the Opinions clarifies policies and measures concerning planning and land use management for elderly service facilities from perspectives of the connotation of elderly service facility land use, the spatial layout, the land supply, and the supervision and services, in order to guarantee the effective supply of elderly service facility land use and to actively boost the development of elderly services.

The Opinions requires that when different areas compile their spatial master plans at the city and county level, the scope, standard, and layout of land use for elderly service facilities should be clarified. New urban areas and new residential areas (communities) should build up affiliated elderly service facilities based on relative state standards and norms. Meanwhile, for the built-up urban areas where the elderly service facility supply is insufficient, inventory resources should be activated and used for old-age service facilities, in combined with coordination planning of urban function optimization and organic renewal, so as to ensure the demand of neighborhood elderly services.

What’s more, the Opinions clarifies the policies and measures concerning the annual land use planning and arrangement, the land appropriated for non-profit elderly service institutions, and the means of land use supply for for-profit elderly service institutions, so as to fully guarantee the land use supply for elderly service facilities and satisfy the demands for elderly services at different levels. The policies relating to land use service and supervision of elderly service facilities are improved. The for-profit elderly service institutions are supported to raise fund through mortgaging their assets such as land and facilities that they paid to acquire, and related departments should actively serve for them if they demand for real estate registration. In order to make sure that the land use for elderly service facilities is actually used for the purpose, strict policies are applied to restrict changing the usage purpose of land originally for elderly service.

And to circumstances that the elderly service institutions are no longer able to use the land for elderly service facilities due to their own reasons, different regulations are compiled for different conditions. Effective measures will be adopted to realize cross-departmental supervision over the planning and land use of elderly service facilities. The land use conditions of elderly service institutions will be included into the credit system of land market, and integrity will be encouraged and dishonest behavior will be punished.

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