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Beijing: Holds the 2019 Summing-up Meeting for Responsible Planners
On Jan. 9, 2020, Beijing Municipal Commission of Planning and Natural Resources (BMCPNR) held the 2019 Summing-up Meeting for Commendation and Communication of Beijing Responsible Planners. Over 200 responsible planners and representatives from different committees, departments, districts and townships attended the meeting and shared their experiences concerning the work of responsible planner in 2019.

The meeting was the first yearly summary since the adoption of the policy of responsible planners in Beijing. Zhang Wei, Director of BMCPNR hosted the conference. Sui Zhenjiang, Vice Mayor of Beijing Municipal Government awarded certificate of merit to 72 outstanding responsible planners of the year of 2019, and initiated the “Smart Collaboration Platform of Beijing Responsible Planners” together with Wei Chenglin, the Inspector of the Beijing Municipal Government. Then, representatives of responsible planners from Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, and Daxing District, and representatives of Sub-district Offices from Haidian District and Shijingshan District made speeches, sharing their cases and experiences on work in historic blocks, international community, old neighborhood, and rural area.

In May 2019, BMCPNR released the Method for Implementation of Responsible Planner System in Beijing (for Trial Implementation), which is a supportive document to the Beijing Urban-Rural Planning Ordinances. By now, a total of 8 districts have signed contracts with 195 responsible planners, covering 170 towns (townships) and areas, and other districts have also started designing their system of responsible planners and recruitment. The work of the responsible planner system has come to the stage of overall development. According to related introductions, the responsible planners are independent third-party personnel that are selected and employed by the district governments of Beijing, who provide professional supervision and technical service for the panning, construction, and management in their responsible areas. The detailed responsibilities are based on the content of the item 14 of Beijing Urban-rural Planning Ordinances, which is about “guiding the planning implementation and pushing forward public participation.”  

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