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Annual Conference of Editing and Publication of UPSC Held in Beijing
On Nov. 23, 2019, the 2019 Annual Conference of Editing and Publication of UPSC was held in Beijing successfully. The conference was sponsored by the Editing and Publication Committee of Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC) and organized by the editorial department of Beijing Planning and Construction and Beijing Urban Planning & Design Institute, and totally 31 member periodicals attended the conference.

In the conference, representatives of member periodicals unanimously passed the Regulation for Jointly Promoting Academic Integrity. The Regulation stresses that joint efforts should be put into respecting the research outputs of researchers. Following the integrity promotion principles of actively guiding, precaution in advance, and punishment afterwards, a healthy atmosphere of academic study and achievements publication should be formed in the planning field, and an academic environment that is clean and upright should be promoted. At the session of academic reports, Huang Xiaoru, Associate Research Fellow of Institutes of Science and Development, Chinese Academy of Sciences, introduced the new trend in science research integrity promotion; Yin Yongchao, Executive Chairman of Information Society 50 Forum, explained the reform of digital economic era and the global development trend of multi-medium integration; and Zhao Hongshi, Director of Department of Policies and Regulations, Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, elaborated the core content of copyright and the issues related to copyright during periodical publication. In the afternoon, the Editing and Publication Committee of UPSC held a work meeting.

At the meeting, the annual work report of the committee was delivered, and discussions on the characteristics of periodicals, the case sharing of academic dishonorable behavior, and the design of a prevention and punishment mechanism for academic dishonorable behaviors, was carried out. Shi Nan, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of UPSC, pointed out in the meeting conclusion that what’s most important for periodical publication is to be oriented at the new era and new demands, the work direction of all periodicals and committees should be reconsidered, and the scientific spirit and academic integrity construction should be emphasized. A healthy internet environment should be set up, and periodicals should have their voices heard on disputable issues in their professional fields. All periodicals should adapt to the condition of changing supervisor department, and put efforts into the development of the disciplinary system. And the basic border between law and policy should be clarified, so as to fight against the academic dishonorable behavior actively. The editorial department of China City Planning Review attended the conference as one of the member periodicals.

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