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Measuring the Land-Sea Coupling Coordination Degree of the Coastal Zone and Its Optimization Strategy: A Case Study of the Coastal Zone in Xiamen
Lin Xiaoru, Lü Yiping, Liu Qing
Abstract Currently, China has entered the period of land-sea coordinated planning, yet there are few studies on the interaction between land use intensity and sea eco-security in coastal zones. Therefore, taking the coastal zone of Xiamen as an example, this paper develops a comprehensive system to evaluate the coupling degree between spatial utilization intensity and eco-security based on the coupling degree theory in physics. Then the paper quantitatively analyzes and identifies the coupling coordination degree of various shore sections into four categories: well-coordinated and highly-coupled, moderately-coordinated and moderately-coupled, moderately-coordinated and slightly-coupled, and primary-level coordinated and slightly-coupled. Finally, it puts forward spatial planning guidelines for the four types of shore sections on the basis of land-sea coordination. Specifically, reserved ecological section should follow the principle of giving priority to the marine ecosystem, and strictly protecting the ecosystem and controlling development; ecological promotion section should follow the principle of optimizing land development based on the sea resources, and reserving space for transformation; restricted development section should follow the principle of land-sea balance, and only allowing low-impact development activities to achieve synchronous land-sea development; development leverage section should follow the principle of optimizing marine development based on land resources, giving full play to the advantages of coastal resources and featured coastal space, and achieving spatial optimization in accordance with people-oriented principles and local conditions. This research intends to provide a scientific basis for coastal zone planning and decision-making and a paradigm guide for gulf cities to coordinate the marine ecosystem and land development.

Keywords coastal zone; coupling coordination; eco-security; land-sea coordination; Xiamen

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