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MNR: Facilitating the Reform of “Multi-Review Integration” and “Multi-Permit Integration”
On Sept. 20, 2019, the Information Office of the State Council held a press conference, at which Mr. Zhao Long, Vice Minister of Natural Resources declared that on the basis of the “multi-plan integration” in spatial planning, the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) initiated the reform of two kinds of work: one oriented at enterprises and common people, which is a “multi-review integration” and “multi-permit integration;” and the other one is oriented at the local government, which is the reform of the procedure of examination and approval of the spatial plan.

In order to reform the review and approval procedure of planning permit and land use, and to facilitate the “multi-review integration” and “multi-permit integration,” the MNR released the Notice of Facilitating the Reform of “Multi-Review Integration” and “Multi-Permit Integration” of Land Use Planning on the Basis of “Multi-Plan Integration.” Through “three combinations” and “one simplification,” which are combining the planning location selection with a land use pre-review, combining the construction land use planning permit with the land use permit, combining multiple examinations and inspections, and simplifying materials for review and approval, the procedure is re-created and the convenience-for-people measures are further improved. Zhao indicated that the review and approval of planning and land use are directly connected with the benefits of related enterprises and common people, and after the reform, the procedure will be simplified to a great extent, the materials needed will be reduced, the time spent on the procedure will be shortened, and the waste on administrative resource will also be reduced, all of which will help to promote the efficiency of government services, optimizing the environment for commercial operation, and enhancing people’s sense of gaining.

In terms of the reform of the review and approval system for spatial planning, the MNR issued the Notice of Comprehensively Conducting the Work of Spatial Planning. Following the principle of “approving what is administrated,” firstly, the number of cities reported for approval by the State Council is cut down, and except the municipalities directly under the Central Government, the cities specifically designated in the state plan, the provincial capital cities, and the cities designated by the State Council, the planning of other cities should be reviewed and approved by the government at the provincial level; secondly, the content for review and approval should be reduced, based on the principle of a consistency between power and responsibility, the Central Government is responsible for inspection of content that needs to be controlled at the national level and other content should be the responsibility of the local government; thirdly, the time spent on review and approval procedures should be shortened to a great extent, from 3 years or even longer to around half a year. The reform will practically promote the scientificness, operability, and authority of planning and enhance the modernization of both the spatial governance system and the governance capacity.

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