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Symposium on Theory and Practice of Modern Chinese Urban Planning Under International Perspectives Held in Beijing
On Oct. 13, 2019, the Symposium on Theory and Practice of Modern Chinese Urban Planning Under International Perspectives was held in Beijing. It was supervised by the Chinese Academy of Urban Planning & Design (CAUPD), sponsored by the Academic Information Center of CAUPD, and undertaken by the editorial department of Urban Planning International (UPI), and the Overseas Urban Planning Academic Committee, Urban Planning Society of China (UPSC). Well-known experts and scholars in the field of urban planning gathered at the symposium, reviewed the development of the cause of urban-rural planning in China in last 70 years, and celebrated the 40th anniversary of the start publication of the UPI. The symposium was hosted by Wang Kai, the Vice President of CAUPD and Chief Editor of UPI, and Chen Ming, the Associate Chief Editor of UPI.

Sun Anjun, President of UPSC, and Yang Baojun, President of CAUPD, attended the meeting and delivered speeches. Professor Cui Gonghao, Nanjing University; Zhang Qin, the Deputy Director of Hangzhou Planning and Natural Resources Bureau; and Prof. Yuan Yuan, Zhongshan University, delivered heart-reaching speeches at the retrospection of the 40th anniversary of the start publication of UPI, as representatives of old, middle-age, and young generations of members of the editorial board. Nine distinguished experts including Zhu Ziyu, the Chief Planner of CAUPD; Prof. Sun Shiwen, Tongji University; Prof. Zhang Jingxiang and Prof. Luo Zhendong, Nanjing University; Xu Hao, Lecturer of Yangzhou University; Prof. Lin Jian, Peking University; Prof. Shen Qingji, Tongji University; Ma Lin, the Associate Chief Planner of CAUPD, and Prof. Mao Qizhi, Tsinghua University made keynote speeches. About 200 people attended the seminar, including certain members of the editorial board of UPI, Shen Chi, the Deputy Director of the Development Center of Cities and Small Towns, National Development and Reform Commission; Wang Fengwu, the Chairman of China Association of National Parks and Scenic Sites; Qin Fengxia, the former Chief of Academic Information Center, CAUPD, and former Associate Chief Editor of UPI; Gao Jian, retired editor of UPI, and representatives from many universities, scientific research and development institutions, and urban planning and design institutes and enterprises. Editors of China City Planning Review attended the meeting as media support.

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