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Territorial and Spatial Planning (国土空间规划 guó tǔ kōng jiān guī huà): Following China’s decision on restructuring the State Council’s departments in 2018, the Notice on Comprehensively Conducting the Work of Territorial and Spatial Planning issued in 2019 requires to establish a new territorial and spatial planning system to integrate the key functional zones planning, land use planning, and urban and rural planning. Being a system of “five levels and three categories,” it should be the guideline for national spatial development, the spatial blueprint for sustainable development, and the fundamental basis for various development, conservation, and construction activities. The “five levels” refer to the five levels of China’s administrative management system, i.e., the national, provincial, municipal, county, and township levels. “Three categories” refer to the three types of planning, i.e., master planning, detailed planning, and special planning.

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