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NDRC: Key Tasks for New Urbanization and Urban-Rural Integrated Development in 2020
On Apr. 9, 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) released Key Tasks for New Urbanization and Urban-Rural Integrated Development in 2020 (shortened into the Tasks in the following part). It requires accelerating the implementation of the strategy of new urbanization that is centered at promoting the population urbanization and is oriented at quality promotion. Measures should be adopted to enhance the capacity of central cities and city clusters on comprehensive bearing and resources optimized allocation, to promote the city governance level, and to facilitate urban rural integration. The Tasks put forward 28 items of key tasks from aspects including upgrading the quality of citizenization of population transferred from agriculture, optimizing the spatial layout of urbanization, promoting the comprehensive bearing capacity of cities, accelerating the urban-rural integrated development, etc.

In terms of upgrading the quality of citizenization of population transferred from agriculture, the Tasks suggests using the deepened reform of the household registration system and the basic public service supply mechanism as the route to break down the unreasonable obstacles hindering the free flow of laborers and facilitate the optimized allocation of human resources. In terms of optimizing the urbanizations’ spatial layout, effort should be put into setting up an urbanization spatial pattern favorable for coordinated development of large-, medium-sized, and small-sized cities, as well as small towns, so as to form a dynamic system for high-quality development. The development of key city clusters should be sped up, the integrated construction of metropolitan circles should be facilitated with great effort, the capacity level and core competitiveness of central cities should be promoted, the new urbanization construction with the county as the important carrier should be promoted, the development of feature towns and feature small towns should be standardized, the construction of new urbanization in border areas, and in large-scale resettlement areas should be facilitated. In terms of enhancing the comprehensive bearing capacity of cities, the mechanism and institution for sustainable development should be improved to upgrade the urban quality. Measures should be applied to remedy the shortage in public hygiene, improve urban public facilities, implement new types of smart city actions, expedite urban renewal, reform the administration mode of construction land use plan, improve city governance, and upgrade the territorial and spatial planning level. In term of accelerating integrated urban-rural development, the highlights should be laid upon an industry promoting agriculture, urban areas supporting rural development, the mechanism and institution for integrated urban-rural development should be improved, and the bi-directional flowing of urban and rural production elements and the rational allocation of public resources should be stimulated. Moreover, effort should also be put into expediting the exploration and reform of national pilot areas for urban-rural integrated development, allowing the direct market-entering of rural collective-owned commercial construction land to a general extent, and facilitating the joint development of urban and rural public facilities.

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