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Shanghai: Expediting Smart City Construction
On Feb. 10, 2020, Shanghai released Several Opinions Concerning Further Accelerating Smart City Construction, which plans to build Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center with global influence. The goal is to build Shanghai into a world leader in a new type of smart cities by 2022, as well as a pioneer in development of smart society and smart government in China.

According to the Opinions, related emphasis should be laid on the following aspects. First of all, the structure of a “city brain” should be coordinated and improved. Effort should be put into deepening the collection and sharing of data, and data should be used as the core resource of the “city brain.” Secondly, the measure of an “online administrative procedure” should be promoted among administrative services. The reforming and rebuilding of administrative affairs procedures should be boosted; the “internet + administrative affairs service” should be constantly improved; and a public service that is intelligent and convenient should be highlighted. Thirdly, the method of city operation through “one network” should be applied. An integrated city operation system should be built up. Depending on the electronic administrative affairs cloud, various city operation systems can be connected and a unified city operation vision can be formed. Fourthly, the priority should be given to the development of a digital economy to a whole extent. A highland for innovation of new digital industries should be established to stimulate the high-grade development of digitalization. The integration between industry and urban development should be enhanced to facilitate high-quality construction. Fifthly, the layout of new generation of information infrastructures should be further optimized and promoted. Sixthly, security of online spaces should be guaranteed. Seventhly, the joint effort in smart city construction should be emphasized. The organization and structure should be optimized; the planning guidance should be strengthened; the construction mechanism of various large networks, systems, and platforms of the city should be optimized, and the planning of informationization of different districts and in different fields should be coordinated. 

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