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Guangzhou: Facilitating the Rational Use of Historic Buildings
On Mar. 10, 2020, the Implementing Measures of Guangzhou for Facilitating the Rational Use of Historic Buildings was released for implementation after being approved by the CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee and the Guangzhou Municipal Government. The Measures requires that historic buildings should be used for multiple functions under the condition of being in accordance with its core historic values. It is encouraged to use historic buildings to establish museums, memorial halls, community libraries, folk custom and culture experiencing halls, etc., they are also encouraged to be used on conservation of intangible cultural heritage, inheritance of folk crafts from areas south of the Five Ridges, and China time-honored brands management, or the introduction of a mass innovation space, business space, for cultural innovation, science and technology incubation, feature catering, hostel, etc. The state-owned historic buildings can be used by means of transfer or renting. For renting, a public recruit should be held and the longest lease would be 20 years. For those that cannot be rented publicly for special conditions, a negotiated renting can be reached after being approved by the municipal government. During the urban renewal and construction of a new district, for those historic buildings that are expropriated but not demolished, the administrative department of planning and natural resources should define a clear protection scope, protection requirements, forbidden usages, and flexible functions of the buildings in the plot plan, and clarify the management items (including the ownership of the historic buildings) and the protection responsibility. When using the historic buildings, usable area can be added in the interior space, or the building floor height can be adjusted. Within the core protection scope of historic and cultural areas, the dismantling of construction, structure, or other facilities (including the fence) apart from the historic buildings, should be reported for approval by the administrative department related to planning and natural resources of the district.  

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