Classification and Distribution of China’s City Clusters
This book is the updated delivery of the Science and Technology Supporting Key Project of the “12th Five-Year” period entitled “Research on Key Technologies of City Cluster Type Identification and Spatial Growth Quality Evaluation” (2012BAJ15B01). It is divided into two parts: General Report and Special Report. The “General Report” part conducts a comprehensively review on the development process and evolution of city clusters both in China and abroad. It systematically evaluates the development quality of city clusters in China, predicts their development trend, and proposes policy measures to promote the healthy development of them. The part of the “Special Report” is a relatively systematic study on the key and difficult issues of the funding project involving six special issues. The issues are: the economic performance and evolution mechanism of city clusters in China, the ecological environment of city clusters in China, transport and spatial structure of city clusters in China, security and risks of city clusters in China, “flow” space of city clusters in China, and spatial evolution and distribution prediction of city clusters in China.

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