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Rural Revitalization Promotion Law (Draft) Seeking for Advice
Recently, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Promotion of Rural Revitalization (Draft) was formally announced and made available for public comment. The draft law is divided into 11 chapters and contains 76 articles. It emphasizes that rural revitalization should adhere to the principle of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, firmly establish and practice the ideology of ecological civilization, coordinate the systematic management of landscapes, forests, lakes, wetlands, and promote green development; it should adhere to the principle of planning first, emphasize characteristics, implement by category, and promote orderly progress. With regard to industrial development, the Draft specifies that the State shall strictly protect arable land, establish a system for the classified management of agricultural land, and that governments at all levels shall take measures to ensure that the quantity of arable land is not reduced and that its quality is improved; that the State shall implement a system for the protection of permanent basic farmland, and protect built-up farmland of high standards; that local governments at or above the county level shall promote rural land improvement and the safe use of agricultural land; and that the development of rural industries shall be in line with national land and spatial planning, industrial policies and environmental protection requirements. In the area of ecological protection, the Draft states that the State shall strengthen ecological protection in rural areas, implement projects to protect and restore important ecosystems, improve the system for protecting important ecosystems and the compensation mechanism for ecological protection, and improve the rural ecological environment. About urban-rural integration, the Draft specifies that governments at or above the county level should promote integrated urban-rural planning, give overall consideration to urban-rural development, plan the layout of industrial development, infrastructure, social security, public services, resources and energy, and ecological and environmental protection.

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